Wednesday, November 9, 2005

A Tragic Day for California

Our beloved state has a legislature that cares nothing about the welfare of this land. California recalled her governor not long ago in order to begin the reform process. The legislature refused to be reformed, or compromise in any way in order to get our finances back in line. The Governor we soundly elected to bring about this reform, Arnold Schwarzenegger, did exactly what we asked of him, and what he promised to do. He took his reforms to the legislature first, and when they refused he took them to the people.

The people read and believed one sentence fliers rather than try to understand the propositions. For example, Proposition 76 stated that our State legislature cannot spend more money during a fiscal period than it has to spend. Is this a difficult concept? If they tried to spend more money than they had, they would be given a certain amount of time to correct the budget, otherwise the Governor would step in and fix the budget. That sounds like a perfectly reasonable and necessary law. No one should be allowed to spend more than they have, that's basic common sense. That is why our state was $22 billion in the hole. Well, that proposition was defeated by a landslide. And those who voted "no" do not even know why.

A tragic day for California.