Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Our darling Madie’s stats at one year:

28 lbs; 34 inches; over the 97 percentile (they couldn’t find her on a chart—sounds like another kid we have who is almost as tall as his mama at the tender age of five (yes, I am exaggerating—but just a little)).  Here she is:

Madison Sage, Beach, Camping, Doheny Beach 2010

Stay tuned!  A fun filled two weeks of Burnett family fun to come!  Complete with the Zoo, Matching Easter Outfits, birthday parties, and much more…

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Doheny March 2008

We went with our Creekside friends camping for spring break.  Our kids just had a blast together!  Here are some pics:

Jackson Sage, Amber Sage, Matthew Sage, Church Members, Lackey, Edmund, Reagan Sage, Madison Sage, Camping, Family Portraits, Doheny Beach 2010 Madison Sage, Beach, Camping, Doheny Beach 2010 Jackson Sage, Water Scenes, Beach, Camping, Doheny Beach 2010 Madison Sage, Beach, Camping, Doheny Beach 2010 Jackson Sage, Reagan Sage, Camping, Doheny Beach 2010

Jackson’s First Tball Game

Jackson Sage, Baseball   Jackson Sage, Baseball

Madie’s Birthday

Here are two cute pictures from Madie’s birthday party on March 7:

Madison Sage, Madison Sage 1st Birthday Madison Sage, Madison Sage 1st Birthday

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Can Do Hard Things…

We have a little one who is very cautious, a bit fearful at times, and resists any kind of change.  He gets that from his mama…

Anyways, the Friend had a wonderful story that we shared with them for Family Home Evening last night.  It was titled “I Can do Hard Things”.  We read them the story and then asked them about things they can do now that used to be hard for them…like walking, running, climbing trees, playing the computer,  etc.  We then asked them one thing they would like to practice and work on that might be hard now, but, with practice, could turn out to be easy…(we had a plan all along—getting our adorable son to ride his bike—hopefully without training wheels, but if he would just get on the thing, that would be great).

So—what was the verdict?  Jackson wants to learn to tie shoes (what?  he wears velcro) and Ray was too busy doing other things to even know what we were talking about…

Our Newest Member and Goodbyes

We said goodbye to our tent trailer on Saturday.  It has served us well for three Clearlakes.  Many wonderful Sage Family memories were wrapped up in that trailer, I thought we could remember a few:

  • Driving down the freeway with the awning flapping behind us, leaving that awning behind in the ghettos of a rather well-known Northern California town
  • The flat tire that took an hour for Matt and his dad to change—somewhere in the hot, hot, fields off the 5 freeway
  • Our first trip ever—Silverwood Lake
  • Our last trip ever—Doheny State Beach with the Creekside Clan
  • Our coldest trip ever—Dogwood campground in November—we never left the tent—I don’t think I have ever been that cold
  • The angry farmer that didn’t appreciate us on the side of his road
  • The two huge king beds that we will never find again in another trailer—could easily fit three kids and all of our bags on one, Matt on the other (he is a very tall guy!).
  • The list goes on

I don’t think Matt will miss it too much, it was a lot of work setting it up, taking it down, keeping it working, fixing the little things that would fall apart—but, it sure was our little piece of Sage Heaven in a campground full of dirt and bugs… 

We have moved on to a travel trailer.  It is beautiful and we love everything about it, especially the fact that Matt no longer has to crank up the roof—Clear Lake, here we come….

Madie’s Prayer

Madie just turned one, and loves to do everything that Jackson and Ray do.  The other night, the kids kneeled down to say their prayers and we told Madie to fold her arms.  She toddled over to us, folded her chubby little arms and rattled off this little prayer in “baby tongue”.  At the end she made a little blow into the air for amen (not sure where that came from).  It was the most adorable thing—Matt and I were all smiles.  Such a tender, sweet moment.