Friday, June 24, 2011

Fathers Day

This year we had a father’s day weekend for Matt.  We made stir fry (thank you to my friend for a fabulous recipe) on Saturday night and then Sunday morning the kids gave him a picnic brunch (his meetings were canceled!) where they made German Pancakes (thank you, again, to a great friend with an amazing recipe).

   Jackson gave him a wallet he had made that had coupons in it.  One was to help him bring in the groceries and the other was allowing Matt to be “player 1”  when they play the wii (a huge sacrifice for Jackson).  Reagan and Madie both gave him paper ties that they had made which he proudly wore to church.  (Lincoln and Mom gave him a pair of pants—I know, my kids get their creativity from me Smile).

  Matt, I am so grateful for the amazing dad that you are to our kids.  You guide them, protect them, teach them the gospel, tickle and laugh with them constantly and love being their dad.  Our kids are happy, confident, intelligent, strong, and love the gospel because of you.  Happy Late Father’s Day!

   And happy Father’s Day to our two wonderful dads!

The Clear Lake Chain

Our kids begin asking us about April when Clear Lake is coming (actually, they ask us all year, but that is when I finally start paying attention), so, in order to get them even more excited (as if that were possible) we make a clear lake count down chain.

We have six days left on our chain…so it is time to start packing!

Our Madie


Madie is our middle child.  She is spicy, bold, extremely loud, curious, loving, and very protective of her things (which includes her baby brother).  She is definitely an explorer and is very curious as to how things work, some of her explorations include, but are definitely not limited to:   

1)  Putting nail polish all over her face and eyes

2) Stamping her entire arm and leg with Hello Kitties

3) With her partner in crime, Bristol, climbing into the baby pool with all of her clothes on

4) Coloring all our walls on numerous occasions (we have had to repaint at least twice)

5) Once again stamping the entire back seat of my car green (and yes, I have finally learned to put the stamps up)

6) the list goes on…

She will not let anyone near her little brother, she loves to read books, she absolutely loves the water—she will spend hours in it, she is super strong, is very quick to say she is sorry and that she loves you and every afternoon when I tuck her in for a nap she blows me a kiss.

We love our little Madie—so full of spunk, has quite the sense of humor and, and even though we rarely understand a word that she says, is quite the life and spirit of our little Sage Family. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Pajama Day and Graduation

Ray graduated from Preschool on Tuesday and they had PJ day on Thursday.  Here she is in her cute pajamas:

Photo Jun 16, 9 01 06 AM

Here she is in her graduation hat:

Photo Jun 16, 9 01 18 AM


I put my girls hair in sponge curlers the other day.  They slept in the over night and I was absolutely amazed when Madie woke up with all of them in except one.  Madie’s actually stayed curled, rays fell out—her hair is so heavy.  Anyways, here is a cute picture of them:

Photo Jun 16, 9 02 06 AM

Two Teeth

Lincoln now has two bottom teeth at 4 and 1/2 months.  He also had his first baby food—sweet potatoes and loved it!  In fact, he had two whole jars and was crying for more.  Here is a not so good picture of him eating (sorry I took it with my phone) and another not so good picture from my phone.

Photo May 27, 11 32 14 AM

Photo Jun 16, 9 02 09 AM