Friday, October 10, 2008


I was tagged...

Here are 6 quirky things about me:

1)I can never eat the last bite of anything, no matter how hungry I am (wasteful, I know).

2)I insist that I can taste the difference between brand name and store brand canned fruits and vegetables (among other things). I know it's probably not true, Matt has spent our entire marriage trying to convince me that I am wrong, but I buy the name brands anyways...

3) I love to budget. I have spent almost every Wednesday morning our entire marriage (6 years) on the computer updating our family Budget in Excel and doing our finances. I actually look forward to it (I need to get a hobby, I know). Looking back now, I wish I would have majored in Finance...

4) I don't like to talk on the phone, crazy, because my calling never lets me off of it (how I love email!).

5) I don't like to have lots of furniture and things cluttering up my house. I fight Matt every time he wants to add a piece of furniture or picture to our house. The less things in a room, the better, because it feels cleaner to me that way. (Since we are packing, it is filled with clutter and it is driving me crazy).

6) I do not like to leave my kids with babysitters, only family. It makes me nervous (I am hoping that will change as they get a bit older).

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


In a previous blog, I told everyone we would be venturing out to the "Happiest Place on Earth" when I started feeling better, well, we have gone three times (the last three weeks) and here are just a couple of pictures. By the way, does anyone else think that Jackson is
starting to look a lot like Matt (minus the blonde hair and blue eyes)?

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Ray's Birthday Party

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Just like many of you moms out there, I love creating and having family traditions. The Burnett family (my family) had many wonderful traditions that made our childhood fun and full of wonder. I have so many that I have created with our little family, that I have to keep a list to remember them all.

When our kids turn two, we have a tradition of taking them to Build-A-Bear. When Ray turned two last month, we went to Disneyland for the evening and then took her to build her bear. As is Ray's independent and creative style, she didn't want to "build-a-bear", but a funny looking monkey. The monkey was so funny looking that I could not bring myself to buy an outfit for it--they all looked a little silly, so the monkey went home in it's "birthday" suit (so to speak). She loves that monkey, just the same, and calls it Mo. Here are some cute pictures:

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My kids love lollipops. We use them for rewards and special treats when we go to the movies or other fun places. Here are a few adorable pictures of them eating their lollipops.

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Water park

We went to a water park the other day. The kids had a blast. Here are a few pictures...

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


There are three moments in my life (in recent memory) when I have felt complete and utter panic--my brain shuts down (along with all practical thought) and my emotions take lead--usually run by fear (not always the best for problem solving).

The other night we went out to dinner and then to Sam's Club. The place was super crowded and I was a little tired and not feeling too well, so it was all I could do to walk that huge place with my wild children running all over. Matt and I split up, he took the kids because he always seems to have more energy than I do (especially these days), and I stood in the biggest line ever to check out.

I guess the kids decided they wanted to come back to me--so Matt sent them my way. Ray found her way back, but somehow Jackson made a wrong turn and got lost in the huge crowd of people. When Matt came back a couple of minutes later, without Jackson, that is when panic set in. Matt took off while I waited with Reagan (who happened to be screaming, of course) and I watched him as he moved around through a few aisles, then went to check the bathroom, and still didn't have him. That is when I almost started crying!

I picked up Ray and took off running towards the back of the store--it was a funny sight--this panicked, pregnant woman with a screaming kid on her hip, yelling for Jackson (I am embarrassed to even think about it now). My mind started flashing visions of Jackson being kidnapped and me never seeing him again (why does logic always fail me when I most need it??)--and Matt still hadn't found Jackson. I went to get some help from some of the employees and instead of saying "My son is lost, can you help me", I said "I think someone took my son" (my imagination had somehow taken over my mouth) and everyone looked at me like I was crazy (because I was).

To make this super long story end, My level-headed husband located Jackson, who was screaming his head off, and I just went running over to him, hugged him, and cried (with everyone looking at me). Hopefully everyone saw that I was pregnant and that gave me my excuse to act so crazy. Although only a ten minute ordeal, I can't believe that we all came out of it relatively ok (although three of the four of us were crying).

What lesson
should I have learned from this? That I need to learn to keep my cool and not panic so that I can think clearly in these situations. What lesson did I learn from this? To never let Jackson out of my sight again!! Sometimes I don't learn as quickly as I should...