Friday, August 19, 2011


My little nephew, Caden Austin, was born at the beginning of this month.  He was 8lbs 8oz (big boy).    He is adorable.  We can’t wait to meet him in October!  Congratulations Austin and Elise!!


Photo Aug 17, 6 53 41 PM

My little four year old’s soccer team is the Vegas Flamingoes?  Really??  Don’t get me wrong, I love Vegas because my dear brother, sis-in-law and new little nephew live there, but… I want to see my little girl in a pink or purple little soccer get-up with bows in her hair, not the “Fabulous Las Vegas” sign flashing as she races across the soccer field (I know, my kids don’t race, they mosey—but, you get my drift). 

Honestly, what is the first thing you think of when you see the “Fabulous Las Vegas” sign?—probably not a little girl’s soccer team.  I am just saying….

Moon Dough

Photo Aug 12, 4 15 45 PM

My girls playing with the moon dough—that stuff makes such a mess, but the girls sure love it--especially my little artist, Ray.

Orange County Fair

We have this tradition of going to the OC Fair with grandma, grandpa (and this year Weeze and Aaron).  Ray had her face painted, they went on rides, had shaved ice, went to an insect exhibit, and went to the petting zoo.  Madie absolutely loved the petting zoo and I think Jackson and Ray’s favorite part was the roller coaster.  Aunt Weeze even helped me win an “Angry Bird” for Matt for our anniversary (our favorite game these days).  Here are some pics:

Photo Aug 10, 4 08 22 PMPhoto Aug 10, 4 12 24 PMPhoto Aug 10, 4 12 53 PMPhoto Aug 10, 4 14 00 PMPhoto Aug 10, 6 42 10 PMPhoto Aug 10, 6 42 13 PM

Swimming with Grandpa

So my phone takes horrible pictures in the bright sunlight, but you can still make out some of these shadows—this is mainly to jog my memory of our summer fun.  We went to grandpas swimming one day and grandpa went in the pool!  He took the little ones all around the pool, splashed with them, and was basically a human jungle gym for the day.  The kids loved it!

Photo Aug 08, 2 24 15 PMPhoto Aug 08, 2 24 19 PM

On the Phone

Madie is always on the “phone” talking to either her daddy or little friend Bristol.  She is 2 and 1/2 in this picture and in the last couple of months has really taken off with her talking—she got off to a late start, but she is catching up fast! 

Photo Aug 07, 5 31 37 PM

Jackson turns 7

For Jackson’s friend birthday party this year he had a few boys over to play Laser Tag and have a BBQ.  We went down to the park near our house—it was blistering hot.  We would have them play a game and then get a snow cone, play a game and then another snowcone.  Daddy got the best prizes ever for the winners—candy with a mini laser—great find!  We then came back for hotdogs/hamburgers, chocolate cake and presents.  Thank you to the grandmas,grandpas, and aunts/uncles that helped! Sorry about the photo, I took it on my phone.

Photo Aug 06, 11 12 40 AM

Photo Aug 06, 11 12 53 AM

7 months

Photo Aug 05, 3 40 18 PM

Here is bubba (lincoln) at 7 months old.  Handsome little guy…


Lincoln (bubba) fell asleep on his face the other day.  So sweet and chubby…and a little tired.  6 months old in this picture.

Photo Aug 04, 8 52 09 PM

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Madison Sage, Parks

To Sum Up….


We did a ton of fun things at Clear Lake this year, now that our kids are starting to get a little older.  I must say, too, that having a trailer with a fridge, freezer and air conditioning has made a world of difference in our camping adventures.  It is quite the experience to hose off your algae soaked child in a little muddy water spigot, take them into your 110 degree tent to change their dirty diaper on a sleeping bag and then strap them in to a camp chair to feed them—all the time trying to keep dirt out of their mouths and flies off their face…

Yes, a trailer is quite the blessing and our little piece of heaven…

Anyways, to finish up our trip, here are a few things for us to remember about Clear Lake 2011:

  • We took the kids to their first rodeo.  They were bored to tears and Madie fell “up” the bleachers giving her a huge cut and black eye—but Matt and I really enjoyed the little bits that we saw.
  • Matt took me on a date to the “Other Side of the Lake”—while we ate our Renee’s shakes.  We had so much fun just driving together, talking, and seeing (sort of—it was pitch black) a few sights of the lake.
  • This was my historic 10 year mark at Clear Lake
  • We took the kids to see Cars II-
  • Madie went jetskiing for the first time
  • Madie tried to jump off the boat (it was going 40 mph at the time)
  • Madie did jump off the boat to go swimming, didn’t realize she was in the middle of the lake and couldn’t touch the bottom (thank you aunt Laura for saving her)
  • Grandpa and Grandma Burnett came to visit—we had all sorts of fun with them at the festival, rodeo, etc
  • Jackson and Ray were Jr. Rangers this year
  • The list goes on….



Everyone is probably really bored by now with pictures of my kids swimming in the lake, but…just one more of my little family together (for our family history’s sake):

Jackson Sage, Matthew Sage, Reagan Sage, Madison Sage, Clearlake 2011

I just can’t get enough of them laughing together…

Daddy’s girls

Matthew Sage, Reagan Sage, Madison Sage, Clearlake 2011

Swimming, Swimming, and then more swimming…


This is what my kids did all day long at the lake, we must have at least 100 pictures of them in the water:

Matthew Sage, Madison Sage, Clearlake 2011Jackson Sage, Clearlake 2011Reagan Sage, Clearlake 2011Matthew Sage, Reagan Sage, Clearlake 2011Matthew Sage, Reagan Sage, Clearlake 2011

Crying at Clear Lake


This happened a lot….

Madison Sage, Clearlake 2011Madison Sage, Clearlake 2011

Fishing at Clear Lake


Both Reagan and Jackson caught fish this year (with the help of their Uncle Larry).  Here are some pics:

Larry Boberg, Audrey Hardey, Dylan Hardey, Reagan Sage, Clearlake 2011Larry Boberg, Clearlake 2011

Paddle Boarding at Clear Lake

Amber Sage, Matthew Sage, Clearlake 2011Amber Sage, Matthew Sage, Clearlake 2011Clearlake 2011Clearlake 2011

The Clear Lake Adventures Continue…


Madie was all over the lake.  Here are some pictures:

Madison Sage, Clearlake 2011Madison Sage, Clearlake 2011Madison Sage, Clearlake 2011Madison Sage, Clearlake 2011Madison Sage, Clearlake 2011Madison Sage, Clearlake 2011

Clear Lake Adventures


As most of you know who read this blog, we go on a two week vacation every year to Clear Lake, in Northern California.  We love camping in our little trailer and this year was filled with many little adventures for our little ones.

The second or third day of vacation, the Sage boat sank (don’t worry, it has since been fixed):

Water Scenes, Vehicles, Clearlake 2011

Imagine coming out of your trailer to this in the morning, ouch!

Although a heartbreaking sight, at least it happened at camp and everyone was ok—it was insured.  It was quite the sight to see 15 people trying to bail out the boat…

Next we celebrated the Fourth of July—our first ever at Clear Lake.  We went to the festival in town and got the kids some shaved ice.  We made patriotic head bands for the girls and we came back to a bonfire, smores, and glow bracelets.  No fireworks, but the kids didn’t care…they were with their cousins.  Here are some pics:

Madison Sage, Clearlake 2011Madison Sage, Clearlake 2011Reagan Sage, Madison Sage, Clearlake 2011Reagan Sage, Clearlake 2011Reagan Sage, Madison Sage, Clearlake 2011Lincoln Sage, Clearlake 2011

Cute Girls

Reagan Sage, Madison Sage

Reagan’s Dance

Reagan had a dance recital in June.  They did tap to “singing in the Rain”.  We weren’t too close (we forgot the tickets and had to go back home)—but here are some pictures.

Reagan Sage, DanceReagan Sage, DanceReagan Sage, DanceReagan Sage, Dance

Ray and her little friend Abby.

Reagan and Mommy


I don’t have too many pictures of me and my kids—I try to hide from the camera whenever possible—but I want my kids to have memories of me, too, as they go back through our family history—so here is a picture of Ray and I and her art…

Amber Sage, Reagan Sage