Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fathers and Sons Campout

Last weekend Matt and Jackson went camping with the ward for the Fathers and Sons and campout. Jackson had four or five boys there his age and they had so much fun! They went on a bear hunt, watched Star Wars until midnight, and ate hotdogs and smores all night. For girls night out my mom and I took the girls to Chuck E. Cheese--Reagan loved it and Madie slept through the whole thing (what a great baby). Here are some pictures (sorry, didn't take the camera to Chuck E. Cheese).

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Gone Swimmin'

For family night we went swimming with some friends at the Creekside Pool. The kids had a blast...

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Matt's Birthday Party

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Pictures of Madie

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Growing up Sage

When you have a dad that is 6'6", you are bound to wind up tall. This is how Sage babies reach incredible heights (first pack on the pounds, then stretch until you are a walking toothpick):
  • Eating 8oz of formula every 2 hours by 6 weeks of age
  • rice cereal begins at 3 months
  • 2 huge jars of baby food (breakfast/lunch), rice cereal, formula every few hours by 4 months
  • Can't wait for steak and cow juice by 9 months!
These are the results:
  • Having to be stuffed into your PJ's
  • cheeks and a belly that jiggle when you laugh
  • out of your infant car seat by 4 months (Jackson!)
  • Size 4T at 8 months (Jackson!)
  • Leaving mom with backaches and barely able to carry you by 6 months
  • Size 1 shoe at age 4
Although these stats mostly describe Jackson, Reagan (and now Madie) are off the charts, too.

Latest Stats:
Jackson: 47 inches tall and 47 pounds (slowing a bit) size 1 shoe
Reagan: 37 inches and 31 pounds, size 9 shoe
Madie: soon to come...

I sure love my chubby babies and I know what parents mean when they say their kids are eating them out of house and home...we are loving every minute of it!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

backpacks, pencils, shoes

I think I am having much more fun with this Kindergarten thing than Jackson is... The other night just he and I went out to Ice Cream and then we went shopping to get him his school supplies...socks, belt, backpack, and shoes. I have realized that shopping truly is a "girl" thing. I loved picking out his new shoes, etc... Every time I would look over at Jackson, he was looking for a place to sit (sounds like my shopping trips with Matt). Towards the end he said--"mom, we have been doing this a long time, next time, can I go to ice cream with daddy?" The only time I saw him get excited was when he found a Transformers backpack. I had a great time with just him, though! He really is a sweet, funny, one of a kind little guy and he made me laugh all night!
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I love this picture of Jackson--I love his rolls, so adorable!
Two of my Creekside Friends put their daily schedules up on their blogs and I thought--what a wonderful idea! What do I do all day?? I want to be able to remember what I did as a mom with young children, especially with a newborn, because the time is flying by so fast... So.... Here is my schedule (this is really for my memory, you can skip down to the next posts if you want something more interesting to read about my cute kids)... This is all about to change in July/August, when Jackson begins school.

Wednesday, May 13th:

12 a.m.: Baby fed, burped, changed, finish watching American Idol, Bedtime
4 a.m. Baby fed, burped, changed
4:40 a.m. Back to Sleep
6 a.m. Alarm goes off--decide that I am too tired to try to begin walking today
6:30a.m.-baby restless, give her pacifier
7:30 a.m.-baby restless, give her pacifier
8 a.m.-Reagan comes in and reads books while I try to get an extra 15 minutes of sleep--no use!
8:30 a.m.-kids brush teeth, feed baby
9 a.m--breakfast (we got started kind of late, but, man, I was tired!)
9:15 a.m. --pray with kids, practice memorizing scripture--1Nephi 3:7
9:30 a.m.--finances, pay bills, update budget
9:50 a.m.--buy baskets to try to clean and organize our kids play area
10 a.m.--Get Dressed
10:20 a.m.--Pack up bags, dress baby, check emails and read my scriptures
11 a.m.--finally get to the park
11:30 a.m.--baby fed
12:30 p.m.--home from the park, lunch
1 p.m.--kids play, baby some more food, put baby down for a nap
1:30 p.m.--3 entries in my blog
2 p.m.-Ray nap, baby has a bubble--burp her, put her back down
2:20 p.m.--begin writing down this schedule
2:30 p.m.--finally get to eat some lunch, Jackson plays Wii for one hour
2:35 p.m.--baby crying again, needs her momma, rock her to sleep (again!)
3:10 p.m.--Read a couple of friends' blogs, fold two loads of laundry and sort out five more (getting behind again!)
3:45--Read to Jackson--a "Choose your own Adventure Book" about Transformers
4 p.m.--Help Jackson practice his name and the letter "k"
4:15 p.m.--Jackson plays reading game on computer (, start picking up, do more laundry, read book
4:40 p.m.--potatoes in the oven
4:50 p.m.--Read some more!
5:10 p.m.--talk to Matt on his way home, get Reagan up
5:45 p.m.--baby fed, burped, changed
6:15 p.m.-Dinner
6:45 p.m.--clean up dinner, Matt off to church meeting
6:45 p.m.--still trying to get the kids to finish their dinner--bribe them with popcorn and movie
7:15 p.m.--Turn on Mulan, pop popcorn, read book, hold and rock Madie
8:45 p.m.-Matt comes home (thank goodness he remembered to get some milk), start getting kids to pick up toys
9 p.m. --prayers, stars, teeth brushed, story, bed
9:20 p.m.-- Big glass of water, sit down to watch American Idol (I was so sad to see Danny leave--he was my favorite)
10:15 p.m.--feed Madie, burp, change her into pj's, wrap her up and rock her to sleep
10:45 p.m.--shower
11:15 p.m.--sleep!! Finally!!
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Wonderful Mother's Day Weekend

Thank you to my very sweet family for making Mother's Day the best ever! Especially to my Matt who wore himself out mopping all the floors, cleaning the house, helping the kids buy me books (which I love), and then taking the baby all night long so I could sleep--your stamina and sweetness amaze me...
Happy Mother's Day to my mom and mother-in-law! Where would I be without you two? A side note: Dad we are so glad you made it back home to us mostly in one piece, even if the ER staff isn't...
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Keeping us Laughing

Since this blog is turning out to be part of our family history (actually, the only part of it these days...), I thought I would write a couple of cute things the kids said these past couple of weeks...
Madie started talking to us this past week and when I asked Jackson what she was saying, he said he didn't know, because it was Spanish.

I have learned that my kids have great memories...Jackson can recount every star wars level on the Wii, down to the color of light sabers that every character has, and Ray can recite most of her books word for word--, so I thought I would try to channel those memories and start them memorizing all the seminary scripture mastery scriptures. The other day I was listening to Ray read one of her books, and it went something like this: "And it came to pass, corn dogs, love you forever, and the bad guys Laman and Lemuel"... Not sure if the scripture memorizing is working or not...
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Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Late Birthday AD!

We sure love you and your little family and miss you guys. Can't wait to see you soon!
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My Baby is off to Kindergarten

We went to Jackson's kindergarten orientation the other day. Where has the time gone? I am trying not to think about it, it is still a couple months away...

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Madie Smiles

I'm back! It sure is great having a computer guy for a husband (thanks Matt).

Madie gave us her first smiles at 6 weeks (although I have yet to capture them on camera). She has just about outgrown 0-3 months clothes and size 1-2 diapers and she just turned 2 months yesterday. Here comes those Sage genes...
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