Thursday, August 27, 2009


We have been thinking of getting a trampoline for over six months, now.  I worry, though, that it will not hold up to the crazy winds out here.  Do any of you have a trampoline?  Would you recommend?  Any ideas on how to keep it from blowing over our fence and taking out the neighbor’s kid? Sounds silly, I know, but, we have seen things take off into the wind that you wouldn’t even believe…

Jackson Sage, Reagan Sage Jackson Sage Reagan Sage


Jackson loved his first day of soccer practice.  He wore bright green socks, the only color the store had left (forget trying to match those with anything in his wardrobe), and he loved his new shin guards and cletes…  He ran around for an hour, his cheeks were bright red, and I have never seen him drink so much water.  I asked him what he liked best, and he said all of it.  Here are some cute pictures:

Jackson Sage, Soccer Jackson Sage, Soccer Jackson Sage, Soccer Jackson Sage, Soccer

(He hasn’t gotten the whole, don’t use your hands thing, yet—maybe they teach that at the second practice…)

On the Floor

Here are some cute pictures of our girls on the floor…

Madison Sage  Reagan Sage, Madison Sage Reagan Sage, Madison Sage Reagan Sage, Madison Sage Reagan Sage, Madison Sage Reagan Sage, Madison Sage

Wednesday, August 26, 2009



Matt took a few pictures of the kids feet to put up on our wall, along with a quote that my friend Janell gave us for a Relief Society Lesson (by Sister Hinckley).  I would put the quote up, but its long, so email me if you would like it! 

Thanks babe for always taking such great pictures for us to capture the Sage Kids’ childhood.

Monday, August 24, 2009

What’s going on?

Here are a few things that have happened to the Sage family these past couple of weeks:

Our Eastvale ward was split, and Matt was put into the bishopric as second counselor.  Matt will do a fantastic job in this new calling and he is excited to work with a great bishopric in starting a ward from the ground up.

I sewed my first blanket (who knew it would be so hard to sew a straight line—sorry Dawn).  I am getting ready to enter the rather scary world of curtains.

Jackson is loving kinder—he is beginning to read and has finally decided that he is left handed.  He has his first soccer practice tomorrow night and can’t wait! 

Yesterday I got Madie all ready for church and as I was putting her into her car seat when she spit up everywhere.  I said “Oh Great”, I guess rather loudly, with a lot of passion, and the other two kids came running.  Reagan looked at me and said “Oh, Mommy, I love you, I am so sorry.  When I was a baby I would spit up all over myself, too.”  She is absolutely adorable.

Last, but not least, Madie is now rolling over, laughing at her big brother and sister, and started eating her vegetables early this month (August).  The other morning we heard her talking on the monitor and Matt went in her room to see what was up (since it was 5 am, she should have been asleep).   And the minute he peeked over the side of the crib she said Da Da (3 times) with a huge smile.  Matt was in heaven…

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moosetracks Platform

So, since this blog has turned into our family history, it would not be complete without this little tidbit.  Matt decided to “run” for his first “office”—Our HOA Board.  There were four other candidates and all had to write a couple paragraphs about themselves, why they want to be elected, etc…  Everyone else wrote the usual stuff—" to make our community better”, “so that we can all live in peace and harmony”, etc.  They all wrote about their families and how they loved them, about their jobs and the power and influence they were entrusted with—so on and so forth..

So, what did my dear husband say (always the million dollar question)?  That he loved moosetracks ice cream.  The Vote?  A landslide…Matt now sits on our homeowner’s board.  What does this say about our community?  That they are a down-to-earth, fun loving bunch that love moosetracks ice cream?  Or that they are all crazy?  Well, who are we to talk--

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! It’s been seven years today that we got married!  I know sometimes you wonder whether it’s been seven or seventeen, but I’m glad you stick with me.  I don’t post much on this blog, but I wanted everyone reading to know how glad I am that you said yes.

Oh, and I would ask again in a heartbeat!  I love you.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Someone’s House

We started a little preschool today with a few other moms in our ward.  Reagan was so excited.  Since she found out that Jackson was going to school, she asks me nearly every day when she gets to go.  So, today it was finally her turn to go to “school”.

After dropping off Jackson, we finally get to the house where she would be having her little preschool day, and she said:  “Mom, that is not preschool, that is someone’s house!” 

She was so sure that I would be dropping her off at school with Jackson…

She sure had a blast, though,(thank you Amber and Diana!) and made many new friends.  She even learned a little bit (it seems like that would be hard to do with an attention span of about 3 seconds) and has been singing Andy Apple since we left.

Next week is my turn…details to follow!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

50 Years of Clear Lake

Jackson Sage, Amber Sage, Matthew Sage, Denise Sage, James Sage, Laura Sage, Daniel Sage, David Sage, Sharon Sage, Dawn Hardey, Dan Hardey, Chad Boberg, Lyndsay Boberg, Alyse Leilua, Jeanne Boberg, Larry Boberg, Jack Sloan, Krista Sloan, Nephi Leilua, Richard & Teddy Anderson, Rick Anderson, Mary Anderson, Rachel Anderson, Ricky Anderson, Audrey Hardey, Beau Sloan, Grant Sloan, Kaden Hardey, Luke Boberg, Adelyn Boberg, Dylan Hardey, Harrison Sloan, Austin Anderson, Havana Anderson, Mia Anderson, Logan Anderson, Reagan Sage, Madison Sage, Family Portraits, Clearlake 2009

The Mello One…

This one, did not come with my high-strung personality (at least not yet)…She was an angel through our two week camping trip where temperatures were up near 110 degrees (during the hottest part of the day should would take a nap in the cool motor home), dirt, bugs and squirrels were everywhere, and she didn’t have her own bed.  We got up with Ray in the middle of the night more times than Madie.  Here are some cute pictures of her:

 Madison Sage, Clearlake 2009

Madison Sage, Clearlake 2009 Madison Sage, Clearlake 2009 Madison Sage, Clearlake 2009

The Tubes at Clear Lake

This year Jackson was afraid of the tubes (even though he loved them last year).  He is our one that has a tough time with any change…

Jackson Sage, Matthew Sage, Tubing, Clearlake 2009

Here he is at the beginningJackson Sage, Matthew Sage, Tubing, Clearlake 2009

He is starting to loosen up a little about five minutes in—no longer holding onto Matt for dear life… Jackson Sage, Matthew Sage, Tubing, Clearlake 2009

About ten minutes into it, he is even waving and having a good time.

Jackson Sage, Matthew Sage, Tubing, Clearlake 2009

Here he is at the end, all smiles, but still ready to get off and get back to his status quo, which leads me to the next picture…

Jackson Sage, Matthew Sage, Clearlake 2009 

Jackson loved to either drive the boat with Matt (no, he is not really driving) or….Jackson Sage, Clearlake 2009

the new favorite thing this year was holding up the flag…who would of thought an orange flag could be the most fascinating thing…

Jackson Sage, Reagan Sage, Clearlake 2009

Amber Sage, Matthew Sage, Reagan Sage, Tubing, Clearlake 2009

Matt, Am, and Ray on the tube (my one and only time…I am not big on water, or change, either).

A Clear Lake Birthday

Pictures of Jackson’s Star Wars Cake and blowing out candles at his 5th Clear Lake Birthday Party!

 Jackson 5th Birthday, Clearlake 2009 Jackson Sage, Beau Sloan, Jackson 5th Birthday, Clearlake 2009  Jackson Sage, Beau Sloan, Kaden Hardey, Jackson 5th Birthday, Clearlake 2009

Clear Lake 2009


Why my kids love Clear Lake…

 Reagan Sage, Clearlake 2009

Jackson Sage, Clearlake 2009

They get to eat sugar cereal, drink all the juice they want, and, of course, no vacation would be complete without processed cheese…

Reagan Sage, Clearlake 2009 

They get to play in the dirt and muck (the Lake) all day long.

Jackson Sage, Laura Sage, Audrey Hardey, Beau Sloan, Grant Sloan, Kaden Hardey, Reagan Sage, Clearlake 2009 Jackson Sage, Laura Sage, Audrey Hardey, Beau Sloan, Grant Sloan, Kaden Hardey, Reagan Sage, Clearlake 2009

Jackson Sage, Laura Sage, Audrey Hardey, Beau Sloan, Grant Sloan, Kaden Hardey, Reagan Sage, Clearlake 2009 

Annual slew (sp?) hikes with Aunt Laura and cousins—Jackson Sage, Clearlake 2009 Reagan Sage, Clearlake 2009

Bike rides around the loop (when its not 120 degrees).

Jackson Sage, Matthew Sage, Clearlake 2009 Sharon Sage, Reagan Sage, Clearlake 2009 

Motorcycle rides (jetski)…this was Jackson’s favorite this year—he pretended that it was his ship and that he was fighting Darth Vader, Darth Mal (sp?), and General Grievous (where do they come up with these names?).

Richard & Teddy Anderson, Reagan Sage, Clearlake 2009 

Daily visits to great grandma’s motor home for cookies.

Reagan Sage, Jackson 5th Birthday, Clearlake 2009   

Did I mention, all the junk they could eat?  Two weeks of pure sugar and bliss (we even went twice to get shakes and ice cream)— 

Friday, August 7, 2009

Our Olympic Swimmer

Reagan Sage

At least she looks like one, for some odd reason, in this picture.  This girl cracks us up all day long, what will she think of next?  Sure keeps me on my toes…

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Off to Kindergarten!

Jackson Sage

Jackson’s first day of school was Monday, August 3rd, 2009 (the entire date listed is for my memory).  I was so sad on Sunday night, I just couldn’t imagine letting him head off into the world, without his mom!  However, three days into it, I am liking our new schedule (although getting up at 6am makes me a bit cranky by dinner, but it hasn’t seemed to phase him).  Ray, Madie, and I miss him terribly, but we are finding ways to keep ourselves busy.  He has the most wonderful teacher, snack and recess everyday, and a transformers backpack—what more could a five year old, just beginning a long road of homework, grades, and school supplies, want?

Jackson Sage  Jackson Sage

Cute story:  All of us Kindergarten parents, unable to leave our little ones, huddled into their classroom on the first day for an orientation (our second, of many, I presume).  The teacher asked if any of the parents had any questions and, my shy little Jackson, raised his hand and said “I have a question!”  What? 

All the parents laughed—because he is so amazingly cute, but we never did find out what the curious mind of Jackson Sage needed to know—I’m sure it had something to do with Star Wars or when he could have his snack.  I guess he has much more of the Sage anti-shyness genes than previously thought…

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Jackson!

Jackson Reagan Swimming 05 

Jackson turned the big 5 on July 30th.  We celebrated, as always, at Clear Lake (his first Clear Lake he was one week old).  He had a Star Wars Cake, ice cream, and Matt’s entire family there.  I can’t believe he is already five!  Where does the time go?  He started Kindergarten yesterday and it was a much tougher day for me, he had a blast! I will post his school pictures soon, as well as Clear Lake adventures.

Happy Birthday Boogie!  Mom and dad love you and are so proud of the sweet and happy boy you are becoming!