Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy, Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday Lincoln!  Our baby is turning one tomorrow!!  We absolutely love this little guy!  He is toddling (sometimes running) all over the place, getting into all sorts of mischief—all the time with a huge smile and giggles for his brother and sisters. 

Although my fourth baby, he has brought many new things with him—including a baby who:  1) walked before he was one; 2) Was still in size 3 diapers at age one; 3) doesn’t like milk—what!?; 4) Is extremely picky about baby food; and 5) actually requires baby locks, gates, etc… (my first baby to open my kitchen cabinets)!

He is filled with spirit and spunk and has a temper to make any Burnett proud.  He melts his mama’s heart with his blue eyes, and chubby round face and his sweet little dance moves.  He is definitely a daddy’s boy—he races through the hall laughing and giggling the minute he hears his daddy’s voice. 

We love you bubba!  This past year with you in our family are filled with many, many cherished memories and we are so thankful to have you!

New Adventures


I can’t believe my baby is turning one tomorrow!  Where did that year go?  Although it is sad to me at times to think how fast my kids are growing up, Matt and I are really looking forward to a new phase filled with a little more adventure*.  It is hard to be adventurous when it takes you an extra hour to pack up extra outfits, bottles, formula, baby food, diapers, wipes, Pj’s, strollers, pack n plays, etc…  We are usually so exhausted from the packing that once we finally get us all in the car, we look for some place where we can nap (usually grandma’s house Smile). 

So, here is to a new year filled with new adventures--formula and bottle free (that is going to save us a bundle—which will now be spent on dance lessons)!  And to some more sleep in 2012!  We wish everyone a wonderful new year, filled with family, friends and Joy!

* I know, I know, I am not one who likes adventure, but I am hoping that my kids and husband can find it in me somewhere—and when I say adventure, I mean the tame rides at Disneyland Smile.

Stay tuned!



The month of December was a crazy busy one for the Sage Family (which is why there have been no updates to this blog for over a month!).  Since I put this blog into a book every year for our family history, I need to get caught up so I can put it together before June rolls around (which is when I got last years done)Smile.  So, as soon as Matt has a second to update our pictures, I will be overloading this blog (sorry to my three readers) with entries for December.  We had a wonderful Christmas Season filled with friends and family and feel very, very blessed….so, stay turned!