Thursday, December 20, 2007

Santa Picture

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Sage Family Christmas

I thought I would tell you-all about a few of the Sage Family Christmas Traditions we have started. When I was a kid, my absolute favorite tradition was our Christmas calendar. We each took turns getting gifts off the calendar to count down the days til Christmas (Adam, Buck, Ad, and Weeze--do you guys remember the cool stuff we got--my favorite was always the chapstick). Anyways, since Jackson could walk, I have been carrying on this tradition--with a new variation--I use 25 different size Christmas boxes, labeled with the date, and tacked to the wall. Jackson loves getting a tiny gift/candy every day--next year Reagan will get to choose from the christmas box calendar, too.

We also have a nine foot Douglas Fur Christmas Tree--but it has already given up the ghost after one week--but man, it was a beautiful tree--besides the fact that there is no room for anyone to sit (we always forget that tall also means wide when it comes to trees). Below are just a couple of other things the Sages love about Christmas!

Plastic Nativities?--What a great Find!

This is Reagan playing with our first ever purchased nativity set. Yes, it is of the Fisher Price Variety, but for all of you who know Reagan, you know that anything besides plastic is not an option...

The Sage Sleigh

This is our recently purchased Wood Sleigh (from Costco). The kids love sitting inside of it--Reagan will read her books there. Jackson doesn't fit in the sleigh quite as well, being at least 3 foot 4 inches these days. The only question Matt has is--where are we going to store it?

Ward Christmas Party

We love to attend our Ward Christmas Party every year. Here is a picture of Jackson and his good little friend, Robert--just hanging out. We had great food, a game, some skits, and of course a visit with Santa--Matt had the privilege of taking all the Santa pictures (I will post a picture of our kids' Santa Picture).
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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Enrichment

As some of you know, I was called to be the Relief Society President of my ward in August--and what a blessing it has been. We had our Christmas Enrichment night and here are a few pictures from it. Krystel (you sure didn't think that picture was going to end up on the Sage Blog--did you? :)) really did an amazing job and it was a wonderful night of great food and friends. Thank you to all of you who made that night another cherished R.S. memory. You better believe I slept well that night and Krystel deserved a couple of days of rest--but she was off and running before you could say "diet coke". My life has truly been blessed by many angels. Merry Christmas!

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Lazy Winter Day

Hi Everyone! For those of you who know Jackson, he loves to swing (my fellow parkday goers know what I'm talking about). Here are a couple of pictures of them in the backyard--Jackson, of course, swinging and Reagan doing what she does best--being busy! It is great to enjoy these little moments--they sure are growing up fast.
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hello Everyone! While I was at a Presidency Meeting the other night, Matt got the kids dressed up and took pictures. This is one of my favorites of Jackson. Thank you to all the wonderful friends we have out there who have such amazing blogs! You have inspired me to keep up with ours...
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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Cards

Hello all! To kick off this Christmas season I've posted our family photo that we are sending out in our Christmas cards. Merry Christmas!
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