Thursday, March 27, 2014

Arizona dirt

My kids were so dirty after our 5 day trip to the Grand Canyon! I loved it (although I'm still trying to get dirt out of everything)! It means they had a blast making memories together :). Here they are the last day.

The Grand Canyon

So, we left for az last Friday. It took us nearly 11 hours to get there! We had to stop every half hour to clean out rays throw up bucket--yuck! She had the flu/was carsick/had food poisoning (maybe all 3). When we weren't doing that, someone had to use the restroom, or we needed gas, or we needed food... Did I mention that Matt had an emergency at work and we left 4 hours late?! But we made it at 11pm Friday and we had a blast from there--well worth it :). We went to the Grand Canyon, Sedona, a water park, took the kids to a buffet, visited almost every Indian ruin in az, watched all 3 toy stories (again, for bubba), played on the play ground, had free hot chocolate, and made memories together...priceless trip :). Here are a couple of pictures, more to follow...

Saturday, March 22, 2014

San Gabriel mission

Jackson is doing his 4th grade mission project on the San Gabriel mission. So we went on a Sunday afternoon.

More knotts pictures

Daddy daughter dance


We went with grandma and grandpa to knotts berry farm :)

Cute picture!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Super hero

Lincoln believes he is electricity man. Matt was walking him to nursery the other day and Lincoln said he couldn't hold his hand--because he would 'electrical' him :). Here he is :

Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday, March 10, 2014

Birthday dinner!

For Maddy's dinner, she requested hamburgers and a frozen cake. The cake was amazing and made by my friend Becky. Here is a picture:

Happy 5th bday Maddy!

For mads 5 birthday, Jackson's present to her were he made chocolate chip pancakes, all by himself :). Reagan made her a badge to wear to pretend city that said 'I am five today'. She also made happy birthday signs to put up all over the house :). We went to pretend city--3 adults and 12 kids. Then she requested a casserole for her bday dinner :). Here r some pictures :

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hidden valley nature center

We took the bear cubscouts on a fieldtrip to the hidden valley nature center. Since ray has been going to cubscouts ever since she was little, she thinks she is one. Pictures:

Asleep again :)

Lincoln falls asleep in the strangest places :). He gave up his naps, but still needs one every now and when grandmas stairs are there :)

I'm a bear!

Jackson finished his requirements for bear in cubscouts. He also got a silver and gold arrow and a couple of belt loops. Way to go Jackson!!