Monday, December 29, 2008

For Grandma

Here are a few pictures of our house, right after it was finished. I will post some more soon...
master bath
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Carson's Baby Blessing

We were all together for Thanksgiving for Carson's (my new little nephew) blessing. Here is a picture of us all together and then one of Jackson and Reagan playing around.

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Temple Square Lights

One of the nights we were in Utah for Thanksgiving (see later posts) we went to see the lights on Temple Square. It was so crowded that we only stayed a little bit, but the kids had fun looking at the lights (as you can see from Ray's face, below).

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Engagement Park

We took the kids, while we were in Utah, to the park where Matt and I got engaged at. The kids loved it!

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Turkey Day

We spent Thanksgiving all together (the Burnett Family) at my grandparents' home in Utah. We had a blast being together, eating wonderful food (thank you grandpa, grandma, and my aunts and uncles), and trying to keep warm (we have been spoiled by California weather).

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At the Hotel

My brother, Buck, got us a great deal on the Hilton in downtown Salt Lake (see next post). Here are the kids getting ready for bed:

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Thanksgiving in Utah

My entire family was together for Thanksgiving in Utah this year for the blessing of my new little nephew, Carson. We loved all being together, turkey dinner with my grandparents, and meeting Carson for the first time...

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Friday, December 19, 2008


Jackson loves hanging out with all of his uncles more than anything else--he has five (and Bobby!). Here are some pictures of my bro, Adam, and Jackson at Camelot playing games. We had to drag Jackson away (and Adam!), they had a blast!

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The Hidden Park

This is the park near our new home. We call it the Hidden Park because, for awhile at least, it was hidden from everyone and was always empty...

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So, I am a little behind on our blog, since we have been moving and I have been studying for my comprehensive exams, but here are our Halloween pictures:

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Sweet Dreams

I love this picture of my dad and Ray asleep.
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