Monday, May 26, 2008

Little Luke!

Jackson and Reagan's new little cousin is here. Welcome to the world Luke! He weighed in at a whopping 9lbs 1oz and he is 21 inches long. He has a full head of gorgeous black hair! I got to hold him yesterday (his birthday--May 25th) and he is adorable. Congrats Adam, Melissa, and Taylor--Jackson and Reagan can't wait to meet him. Way to go Meliss--only 8 hours! Pictures to follow...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Old McDonald Had a Farm

We went swimming last night for Family Home Evening and while Jackson was swimming around this is what Matt heard:
"Old McDonald Had a farm, ei ei o and on that farm he had a.....Tank! Not much more to say about that...

Friday, May 16, 2008

House Update

For anybody is an update on our home. They began trenching yesterday.

Here is what the "model" of our home looks like. Our home will actually be the "Traditional" style, this is the spanish style, but it gives you an idea...
Here is an idea of the cabinet color--we chose a dark chocolate stain (it will probably be a little more reddish than the one in the picture), but our granite is the green color on the left (although, it doesn't really look green in this picture).
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The Zoo

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Mother's Day

I had an amazing mother's day. Matt made me breakfast in bed and bought me pink roses. Jackson gave me the hat you see him wearing (Matt said it took him forever to talk him out of getting me a fish they had swimming in the tank at the 99 cent store). Reagan gave me some tiaras. They sang "Happy Mother's Day to You" . My favorite part of the whole day was when Jackson sang to me in church (he didn't actually sing, just rolled his eyes the whole time, but it was beautiful :)). Hope all the mothers out there had a wonderful mothers day!

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Cinco De Mayo

We went to a Fundraiser for the Young Women in my parent's ward for Cinco De Mayo. They had great mexican food, a live band, and a silent auction. We had a blast! Jackson and Reagan loved dancing to the music!

Here is a picture of my dad attempting the "Makarena" (no idea how to spell that):

Here is Weeze (my sis) and Jackson dancing.
There was this little boy there that kept trying to take Ray's pacifier. She sure held her own and managaed to keep the pacifier, most of the time.
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Chad's Birthday Party

Matt and I went to Matt's cousins's birthday party. Matt and Chad were born one day apart and they grew up together. They both turned 30 this year.

Chad and his wife Lyndsay:

Check out the view from the backyard of the house where the party was. It was absolutely incredible! We spent the whole evening just enjoying good company and the awesome view.

I just realized that I don't think I have ever put a picture up of just me and Matt on our own blog so here it is:
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

I've Been Tagged, Again

This is a different tag then last time. Since I love getting to know about everyone in their blogs, I thought maybe others would think the same (or maybe not), so, if you are sick of hearing about me, and just want to see my adorable kids, wait until next week when I post my mother's day pictures.

Here it is:

1. Family
2. The Gospel
3. My church calling (although, this could also go under fears, as well)

1. Water
2. All kinds of random diseases
3. Jackson starting school


1. To save 10-15 percent of everything we earn
2. Getting my Masters degree, finally, in the fall
3. Take Piano lessons again (probably not until my youngest is in school!)--or at least practice


1. House, The TV Show--I am beginning season 2
2. Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness
3. Reading the Twilight Series

Random Facts:

1. Love to budget
2. Hate clutter (although my house is full of it right now)
3. Have a temper (although it is getting much better---just ask my brothers and sis)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday, Matt!

It is always difficult to find a picture of Matt--since he is the family photographer. But here is one of him and my brother in Vegas. The kids and I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to the most important person in our lives. We love you!
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