Friday, June 26, 2009


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San Diego Zoo

The Family…Jackson Sage, Amber Sage, Matthew Sage, Reagan Sage, San Diego Zoo 2009

Amber Sage, Matthew Sage, San Diego Zoo 2009Matt and Am.Jackson Sage, San Diego Zoo 2009

Austin Burnett, Reagan Sage, San Diego Zoo 2009Reagan Sage, San Diego Zoo 2009 Jackson Sage, Austin Burnett, Elise Burnett, Taylor Burnett, Luke Burnett, San Diego Zoo 2009 Reagan Sage, San Diego Zoo 2009

Madie Stats

Madison Sage

3 1/2 months old

17.5 pounds

26.5 inches

Off the charts…

Monday, June 22, 2009

Family Home Evening and Darth Vader

For family home evening tonight, we talked about fortifying our home and family from evil influences, using the Captain Moroni and Title of Liberty story (see Book of Mormon Heroes or the Book of Mormon)...
The activity went as follows:
Matt went outside with a mini Darth Vader (Jackson has a slight obsession with Star Wars) and it was the kids job to fortify our home from this "evil" influence. Matt called up Jackson and Ray from his cell, humming the Darth Vader song (to the best of his ability--love you Matt!) and said Ready, Set, Go. I had strategically opened all the windows and doors. The kids ran around the house in circles shutting windows, locking doors, as Matt would appear with Darth and hum the song...
Darth Vader was unsuccessful and called Jackson to give up.
Result: Jackson had an absolute blast and at the end of FHE thanked Matt for being Darth Vader and for losing...
Reagan will probably have nightmares the rest of her life (even though she always loves the bad guys), might have been a little too much for her...
We all had a blast being together.
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Rice Cereal

Madie has begun rice cereal...3 and 1/2 months. She is beginning to eat 8oz of formula and can't make it to three hours anymore (which is usually my sign). She also is well over 15 lbs, wears size 12 months, and has the longest feet I have ever seen on a baby (especially one only three months old). She loved the cereal (no surprise) and promptly fell asleep. She has been giving us about 10 hours a night these past couple of weeks (a benefit of having massive, formula fed babies) and cereal usually gives us an extra hour or two. Finally, I will be able to try to get her on a schedule. Here she is in her camping outfit:
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Love this picture of Ray!

Ray's great grandma Teddy made her this dress for christmas. She looks so good in red, which happens to be her favorite color.
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To our Wonderful Dads...

Happy Fathers Day!

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To the Best Dad...

Happy Father's Day, Matt! The kids loved every minute of finding ways to show their love for their amazing dad. We hope you enjoyed your weekend and we just wanted you to know how loved and appreciated you are. You fill all of our days with laughter, joy, and a little bit of craziness and fun. Our kids will always know they have a dad who loves them and wants nothing more than to spend every free second with them--there is no better dad on earth! We love you!
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Camping at Prado

Here we all are in the tent trailer at Prado Park. We had a blast and the weather was nice and cool for us. And, yes, we are all a little greasy--3 days without showers or baths! We had a blast being together, though, and look forward to our next camping trip to Clear Lake (30 days to go!).

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Angel Camper

Here is our little Madie in the chair she slept in, in the tent trailer. She slept through most of the night, even though it was ice cold. She is such the trooper and the best little camper (and only 3 months old)!

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Watching a Movie

Jackson and Ray watching a movie in the tent trailer....

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Prado Camping

Here are a couple of pictures of the kids riding bikes at Prado Park. We went camping in the trailer for 3 days. They also had visits from both sets of grandparents, Weeze stayed with us the whole time, and our friends camped with us too!

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Melissa!

Happy Birthday to my best friend Melissa (she is in the very front of the picture)! We have been friends since first grade. She doesn't live too far from me, but we have a tough time getting together because of busy lives, but we always manage to get together, some how, near our birthdays every year. She is a very loyal friend, we have done many, many fun things together--such as camping at Calico, watching my crazy brothers wrestle, my first plane ride was with her to Las Vegas, and I still have our BFF necklance we got over 20 years ago. Not to mention, she is my memory of the past--because I don't have one, and hers is incredible! Have a wonderful birthday, Melissa and I will see you on Monday-can't wait!
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Dilly, Dilly, Dally, Dee...

My dad use to sing us this silly song when we would clean the house.... It goes something like this:

When there is something to be done, it won't get done, til it gets done...
and the best way to do it, is on the run...
So don't dilly,dally, don't dilly, dally..
dilly, dilly, dally, dee (I am not even going to pretend to know how to spell that)

It would end on this horrific note, leaving all of us feeling like the song should not be over (the point being, I guess, is that work is never done (how depressing)).

So, today, I taught my kids the "Burnett" Family theme song.

When we bought this house, one of the reasons we loved it was because the entire back wall of the house is windows (over 45 feet of windows and a slider). I guess it didn't occur to me at the time that someone would need to clean all these windows, and that somebody would be me.

So, this afternoon, the kids and I washed the inside of all those windows, and I taught them the song. After I was done singing it, Jackson just looked at me like "what kind of song is that?!". I am sure that I must have looked at my dad the same way when the theme song was sung to me for the first time, and I am sure my dad looked at his dad the same way, etc., etc. (unless my dad made that song up just to torture us).

Anyways, my kids had a blast cleaning with me all afternoon (how long do you think that will last?!), and I got to pass along a little piece of my history to my kids (my dad will be so proud when he reads this).

By the way, I have no pictures, because I don't want the world to see what my kids wear when we stay home for the day. Happy Friday!
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Memorial Day

We had a fun Memorial Day. We spent the day with family. BBQ at the Burnett house and Luke's Birthday party (see post below) and then another BBQ at the Boberg's home. Here are a few pictures:

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Happy Late Birthday Cousin Luke!

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We will miss you Bobby!

Here are some pictures from Bobby's birthday party. The kids had a blast! There was swimming, horseback riding, playing on the swings and in the duck pond, a pinata, and tons of food. Bobby is currently in the MTC, going to Portugal on his mission. Our kids will miss him terribly and can't wait for two years to fly by!

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Madie at 2 Months

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Easter 2009 (very late)

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