Thursday, October 29, 2009


Jackson Sage, Soccer

Here he is in his orange and black soccer uniform (Halloween every Saturday for 3 months).  This is just a note, for the Sage Family History, that he lost his first tooth on October 27th, 2009.  He has a huge permanent tooth already coming in—taking up the space of three baby teeth—I hope my brother gets through dental school fast (Buck, we need you!).  He got a dollar from the Tooth Fairy.  Side Note:  Reagan spent all of yesterday trying to get her teeth to come out—the things my kids will do for a dollar—scary.  Happy Halloween everyone!  I will post Halloween festivities next week…

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hair Cut

Ray got her first hair cut today, Thursday, Oct. 22nd (3 years old)!  I chopped it to her shoulders, for practical purposes (no more 30 minute tangle-removing sessions), but didn’t realize how upset everyone would be (most especially, myself).  Every time I look at her, I start crying—her long hair was so beautiful, and very rare for a 3 year old.  When she saw me crying she said, “Mom are you sad?”  I told her I missed her beautiful, long hair. And she said… “Don’t worry Mom, I still have a few hairs left…”.

The same cute Ray, just with hair that is easier to comb…

I’ll put up pictures once I get used to it…

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My sis-in-law told me about this great website where I could get matching ties for Jackson and Matt.  They even have extra long ties for matt (harder to find).  Jackson got them for Father’s Day and we finally got a picture of the two of them (I know, we are really far behind on picture taking and blogging these days).  Here they are (what great smiles!).Jackson Sage, Matthew Sage

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Madie Smiles

We just can’t get enough of this little girl’s smile…

Madison Sage Madison Sage Madison Sage Madison Sage Madison Sage Madison Sage Madison Sage

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ray’s Birthday Party

Reagan Sage, Reagan Sage 3rd Birthday

Love this picture of her!

Jackson Sage, Amber Sage, Matthew Sage, Reagan Sage, Reagan Sage 3rd Birthday

The cake that big-grandma Teddy made.

Reagan Sage, Reagan Sage 3rd Birthday

Admiring the cake that big-grandma Teddy made.

Matthew Sage, Reagan Sage, Reagan Sage 3rd Birthday

Spitting on the cake (it was still good!).

Jackson Sage, Matthew Sage, Taylor Burnett, Reagan Sage, Reagan Sage 3rd Birthday  Jackson Sage, Audrey Hardey, Reagan Sage, Reagan Sage 3rd Birthday

Trying to figure out how old she is and how many fingers to hold up now…

Reagan Sage, Reagan Sage 3rd Birthday

Presents (her favorite part).

Madie and her Smiles

Isn’t she just adorable with that big smile?  Her face just lights up and her eyes sparkle whenever she giggles and laughs.  We just love our happy baby!  She is smiles all day long (except when she is teething).

Madison Sage Madison Sage Madison Sage


Matt had a half day off work the other day, so we packed up the kids and went to Balboa (my sister, Weeze, joined us). 

Growing up, my family would join my aunt and cousins at their family beach house at Balboa.  We would eat Balboa Bars, ride the Ferry, and play at the beach all day long—then we would sleep outside on the porch with the sea breeze.  Such amazing memories!  I wanted my kids to have a few of their own Balboa memories…

Jackson Sage, Ashley Burnett, Reagan SageReagan Sage

Riding the carousel.

  Jackson Sage Jackson Sage

Eating snowcones (that was the kid size!)…his lips and teeth were blue all day long.

Jackson Sage    Jackson Sage

     Madison Sage  Reagan Sage Jackson Sage, Reagan Sage 

They loved the playground on the beach.  We had dinner at Newport Beach’s Spaghetti Factory—it was the best food and service we have ever had at a Spaghetti Factory!  Such a fun day!