Friday, January 30, 2009

Baby Update

At my last Dr.'s appointment on Tuesday, the Dr. told me that this baby is getting pretty big and he/she especially has a big head (not information any pregnant woman wants to hear). I love the big babies--as many of you know mine tend to get chubby pretty quick and I don't think either of them have ever registered on a growth chart (especially in height). However, neither of them started out very large--Ray was almost 8lbs and Jackson 8 and 1/2--and I never had a Dr. tell me that either of them were getting big while pregnant with them (although everyone comments on their size these days).

So, mostly because I live farther away from the hospital, but also because this baby is a little on the large size (Matt and I will both laugh when he/she ends up being only 6lbs), my very wonderful doctor is going to induce me anywhere from 10 days to a week early, so hopefully by early March we will have a baby!

One other thing, I am so excited to be surprised on the sex of this baby, but, I didn't think about how much more work it would be (not that I mind too much). I have to wash all of Jackson's baby clothes, burp rags, blankets, well as wash all of Reagan's stuff, too. Also, I have to try to make everything that I buy neutral--I didn't think it would be an issue finding yellow or green pacifiers, but, Babies R Us only seemed to have pink, blue, or purple--I'll have to try another place...Just a small price to pay for a truly genuine surprise.

We will keep everyone updated on baby #3. We can't wait to welcome him/her into the world (see, even writing sentences takes longer when you don't know the baby's sex)...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Comprehensive Exams

For all of you who have been so thoughtful to ask through these last couple of months how my studying was going, and to all of you who helped watch my kids so I could study (especially my wonderful mother-in-law), Thank you! The studying paid off and I passed my comprehensive exams for my Master's Degree--finally--after 6 years of delay!! What a weight off my shoulders (and my husband's, too)! Hope to get my degree in the mail soon and hang it proudly on our wall!