Monday, February 25, 2013

Some Remodeling at the Sage Home

18-135 mm

So, when we built our house, we thought that our dining room/front room would look like this picture.  It turns out, they put a wall in between those two rooms—so we just had it removed Smile.  We love it—much more space!


18-135 mm

Bubba  (aka Lincoln) loves to read!

18-135 mm

Madison loves to give her mamma dirty looks Smile

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day in 2012, we went to my parents house.  On memorial Day (since it has been a long time since I have posted), Jackson was 8 (started 3rd grade), Reagan 5 (started 1st grade), Madison 3 (started potty training—not successful Smile), and Lincoln was 1.

28-200 mm

50 mm

Jackson loves to play bball with his grandpa and cousin!

50 mm

The 3 girl Cousins together! 

50 mm

Chase and Lincoln—both hating those life jackets Smile

Doheny in September

70-200 mm70-200 mm70-200 mm70-200 mm70-200 mm70-200 mm