Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Angrier Bird


So, for our 9 year Anniversary, I gave Matt a stuffed Angry bird.  For many reasons, really, but we won’t get into any of that (I know, cheap anniversary gift—but another long story…). 

Anyways…if I thought that bird was angry before, imagine how it must have felt when I found him drowning in the toilet, being scrubbed with soap, by our third child.  When I caught her (she was also sopping wet with toilet water), she handed me that soaking wet angrier bird and said…All Clean!  All of this five minutes after she pulled down my curtains…rod and all… 



So we have been saving for three years to take our kids back to Disneyland.  The last time we went, Ray was a baby.  So, yesterday we finally found a day to go buy our passes and take the kids for 1/2 a day.  It was a perfect day—not too hot or cold and every ride was only a 15 minute wait.  Madie’s face was lit up the entire time.  We went on Snow White, the Carousel, Haunted Mansion (we had three kids crying at once there—not our best idea), Thunder Mountain (Jackson, Ray, and me), and Buzz Light Year twice (bubbas favorite—he loved the gun).  Matt and I were exhausted at the end of it (we were all in bed by 8:45)—but it was so worth it to spend the evening together at the happiest place on earth Smile.  Pictures to follow…

Monday, October 3, 2011

Out of Hundreds…


We found 3 we liked! Notice we could never get all four kids to look at the camera.  Matt thinks our chances are worse than winning the lottery in getting all four kids happy, smiling, looking at the camera, and not fighting…  Here are a few: