Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Fools

Jackson has a mind that works a little bit differently than many…
He is getting ready to read the Harry Potter books in first grade, he is amazing at math, yet, he needed to have a note pinned to him at the beginning of the school year telling his teacher that his lunch was in his backpack—so when he told her that he had forgot it, she would look in his bag Smile 
He is just a very literal, deep thinker and can not have his mind cluttered with menial details (he is his daddy’s boy).
So, his mind also works in a very different way when it comes to jokes--We asked Jackson if he played any April Fools tricks on his friends at school.  He said, I tried, but no one would believe me.  Then he said, I was the only person who’s jokes they wouldn’t fall for and they all kept tricking me…
He is so cute, I love how his brain works just a bit differently…it makes him unique, although susceptible to those tricksters on April Fools.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Late Birthday Madie!


Madison Sage, Parks


Madie turned 2 on March 7, 2011.  We took her to build-a-bear, as is our 2 year birthday family tradition.  She wasn’t very interested, so mom got to build it for her (I had a ton of fun!).  On her actual bday we stopped in Vegas on our way home from Utah and had cupcakes with Uncle Buck, Aunt Elise, Grandma and Grandpa.  We love you Madie—thanks for filling our days with giggles, mischief, and tons of love!

Natalie’s Blessing

We went to Utah in the beginning of March to see my brother bless his little baby girl, Natalie.  While we were up there I got to see family I haven’t seen in a few years. 

Jay & Yvonne Burnett, Lincoln Sage, Utah 2011

Lincoln and my grandma

Heather Burnett, Natalie Burnett, Utah 2011

My new little niece, Natalie, born the day before my birthday.

Burnetts, Lincoln Sage, Natalie Burnett, Utah 2011

My aunt Jan and Lincoln

Carson Burnett, Utah 2011

Natalie’s brother, Carson.

Jay & Yvonne Burnett, Reagan Sage, Utah 2011

Reagan and my grandpa

Burnetts, Lincoln Sage, Utah 2011

Lincoln and my aunt Sharon

Reagan Sage, Madison Sage, Utah 2011

The girls in their new swimming suits (yes it was snowing, and yes the pool was indoors—I guess that was fairly obvious).

Madison Sage, Utah 2011

Love this picture of Madie—she turned two the next Monday, March 7th, 2011.

Irvine Park


We took the kids to Irvine park on March 26, 2011.  They had fun playing on the play equipment, eating sack lunches, and going to the OC Zoo.  The park was amazing—we want to take them back to do the paddle boats and train.  Here are some pictures:


Jackson Sage, ParksMadison Sage, ParksReagan Sage, ParksMadison Sage, ParksParks, Lincoln SageReagan Sage, Parks


Baseball season is here again!  Jackson is on the Nationals.  When he is not chasing butterflies, playing in the dirt, or blowing dandelions, he is a great little player Smile.  He loves to play catcher and he can hit the ball without the tee.  He sure looks handsome in his uniform! 

Jackson SageJackson Sage

Lincoln at 2 months


At two months at 1 week Lincoln weighed almost 13lbs (I can’t remember his height—too many things to remember these days—but I can guarantee that he is not on the charts).

Lincoln Sage

Gone Camping


We have a tradition (since last year Smile) to go beach camping with good friends from our old ward during Easter Break.  This year it poured rain. On our way down there, the wind and rain was so bad that we couldn’t even see the road and our trailer and truck kept weaving all over the place—scared me to death!  But, it only rained Sunday night and Monday morning and the rest of the time the kids had a blast. 

Madison Sage, CampingMadison Sage, Camping

Madie loved this puddle!  At one point she was laying down on her belly, swimming through it (and it was freezing cold!).  I had to draw the line when she tried to drink it…

Jackson Sage, CampingReagan Sage, Camping

To all who know Ray, she loves to spend hours telling stories and she has to always have a wand, straw, stick, in her hand to help her concentrate—

Jackson Sage, Lackey, Edmund, Reagan Sage, Camping

Here are the kids at the tidepools.

Jackson Sage, Beach, CampingReagan Sage, Beach, CampingMadison Sage, Beach, CampingReagan Sage, Beach, CampingJackson Sage, Beach, CampingMadison Sage, Beach, CampingMadison Sage, Water Scenes, Beach, CampingMadison Sage, Water Scenes, Beach, CampingMatthew Sage, Madison Sage, Water Scenes, Beach, CampingMatthew Sage, Madison Sage, Water Scenes, Beach, CampingJackson Sage, Reagan Sage, Madison Sage, Camping

First Suit


Lincoln in his first suit (February 2011).  He is one month old:

Lincoln SageLincoln Sage

Lincoln and Reagan

Here are some pictures of Lincoln and Ray on Lincoln’s blessing day:

Reagan Sage, Lincoln Sage

Reagan Sage, Lincoln Sage

Lincoln’s Blessing

Lincoln was blessed by Matt on February 6, 2011. He screamed all the way up to the minute of the blessing and when I walked him up to the front and handed him to his daddy, he immediately stopped and was quiet until Matt handed him back to me—such a daddy’s boy! We had a family dinner afterward.  Here are some pictures:


Denise Sage, James Sage, Family Portraits, Lincoln Sage

Lincoln, Grandma and Grandpa Sage

Randy Burnett, Linda Burnett, Family Portraits, Lincoln Sage

Lincoln, Grandma and Grandpa Burnett

Amber Sage, Matthew Sage, Lincoln Sage

Lincoln, Mom and Dad

Amber Sage, Matthew Sage, Lincoln Sage

Lincoln SageLincoln Sage

First Family Photo

This is our first family photo taken—all of us together.  February 2011.  Jackson is 6, Reagan is 4, Madie is 23 months and Lincoln is just a few weeks.  We took close to 100, this was one of the best…

Jackson Sage, Amber Sage, Matthew Sage, Reagan Sage, Madison Sage, Family Portraits, Lincoln Sage

Grandpa and Kids

Jackson Sage, James Sage, Reagan Sage, Madison SageJackson Sage, James Sage