Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Reading scriptures

This is how little pirates and madies read scriptures:

Little Annie

All banged up

My first car accident...I was rear ended. An overall not so bad experience, considering it happened only a week before our vacation :).

Sequoia national forest

We took the kids one weekend to the sequoias to see general Sherman--one of the largest living organisms in the world (or something like that). They were not impressed. All they wanted to do is swim in the hotel pool :). Here is the only picture I got...Matt took the best ones :).

Swim lessons

Swim lessons were absolutely terrifying for bubba, but mads loved them!! Here is bubbas 10 min before his lesson even starts...poor kid!

Summer fun!

Pretend city, bonfires with friends and then with family, etc...a few pics :


Lincoln is doing his homework :). We got him a new avengers backpack and he is telling everyone he is no longer 3, he is 10 like his brother :). When Lincoln was done with his 'homework', he put it in his backpack and hung it up! (None of my other 3 managed to do that). So cute :). Then he proceeded to throw a tantrum and get sent to his room...oh well!