Monday, November 21, 2011



Bubba (Lincoln) took his first 3 steps, without help, yesterday.  Sunday, November 20th.  He walked from me to Madie.  He is 10 months—my earliest walker!  I can’t believe my baby is growing up so fast—

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Big Shoes to Fill…


When Jackson started walking at 1 year, we bought him a pair of shoes.  They were size 6 double extra wide! They were ugly then, and still ugly now, but the only shoes wide enough. Crazy!  I saved them for Lincoln—however, they are two sizes too big.  Lincoln will now be getting walking shoes for Christmas.  Size 4 1/2 wide (hopefully they will be wide enough).  It is insane to me how chubby and long my babies feet always are!  I guess if you are going to be 7 foot tall (that is what doctors and their crazy formulas are saying!) your feet have to be large (and when you have a dad that wears size 14, there is no getting away from it).  Jackson is now 7 years old, comes to my shoulder (I am 5’6”) and wears size 4 shoe.  It is a full time job to keep my kids in clothes that fit them!

Stay tuned!  My kids are off track and we have been traveling Southern California—don’t have a ton of pictures, but plenty of stories to come!