Wednesday, February 17, 2010


To my Valentine: 

Thank you for the most wonderful night.  I can’t believe you made a $5 steak taste like $50 (I don’t think I have ever had a $50 steak—but I am sure that is what it tastes like)!  You know how much I love food (not at all), but I devoured that huge steak—probably more steak than I have ever had in my lifetime!  The asparagus, mushrooms, garlic cheese bread were all amazing!  But, the best part was having you there with me—I was reminded again of how blessed I am to have you in my life and how precious our time is together.  And the night was complete with our three greatest blessings there talking, whining, and trying to light the table on fire with the candle light.  I sure love you!

Tub of Peanut Butter

I was giving Reagan a bath this morning and this is how our conversation went. 

Ray:  Mom….when is Jesus going to come to our house.

Mom:  Well…We can feel Jesus near us and in our home when we are kind to each other, when we take care of each other, when we do the right things, etc..

Ray:  But we can’t see Jesus.

Mom:  No, Jesus is in Heaven, but we can feel Jesus near us…

Ray: Mom, we can smell heaven.

Mom:  Oh Really?  What does Heaven smell like.

Ray:  A tub of Peanut Butter.

What a beautiful, wonderful imagination—I wonder what else goes on inside that cute and little head of hers. 

Reagan Sage

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Day

We woke up on Saturday and decided to take the kids to the snow for an hour.  It was only the second time that they have played in snow (I’m not a huge fan of being cold—that is why I live in SoCal).  The mountains had something like four feet of snow—we found a little park with an open field—they played for an hour before they started crying about the cold (must have gotten that from me!). 

Matt taught them how to make snow angels.

Jackson Sage, Reagan Sage, Snow Day 2010

Throwing snow balls.

Jackson Sage, Snow Day 2010

I had Madie so bundled up she couldn’t move her arms—remind you of a certain christmas movie?

Madison Sage, Snow Day 2010

The slide was filled with snow…

Jackson Sage, Snow Day 2010 Snow Day 2010 Reagan Sage, Snow Day 2010 Madison Sage, Snow Day 2010 Reagan Sage, Snow Day 2010

Jackson’s Award

Jackson received a Barton Bear Award on Wed., Jan. 27th.  He was so excited!  He had a huge smile on his face the entire time!  We are so proud of him! 

 Jackson Sage Jackson Sage Jackson Sage, Amber Sage

The Hidden Park

It was a beautiful Southern California Day, lots of sun, a week of rain behind us, and we decideto head out to the Hidden Park.

Jackson SageReagan SageMadison Sage Madison Sage

I spent the majority of my time chasing after this one—she never stops moving!

Madison Sage