Thursday, March 28, 2013

a Couple more before bed…


I asked Jackson the other night what he wanted to do when he got older.  After he told me he wanted to get a LAN Connection (whatever that is) and play computers with dad every night, he said he would play for the Lakers.  He said “I am pretty good at basketball, I guess I can play for them.  And I will get you and dad in for free and maybe even the grandparents….”

Reagan lost her right front tooth on Wed, March 27th, 2013.  It was her fourth lost tooth—now she has no top or bottom front teeth Smile.  She is so darling toothless!

Every time we go to Target Lincoln says: “Mom—it’s my castle”— (and mom says, me too! Smile).

What is up?


What is up with my kids and their obsession with bees/wasps?  My previous post was Lincoln carrying a bee to me by its wings and then, just two days later, Madison decided to touch the stinger of a wasp—at Knott’s Berry Farm! 


She actually was stung (Lincoln miraculously was not), but I bet she never touches a wasp, bee, or any insect for that matter---for the rest of her life Smile.  It was a very traumatic experience for everyone.  Luckily, the first aid station at Knotts is fabulous—they had a real EMT working there and he checked her lungs, gave her bee sting medicine, and ice.  They even sent her back to Camp Snoopy with a smile—they gave her a giant pink wand—I guess it could have gone worse Smile.



So, we were beach camping for a week and the kids spent most of their days climbing trees, running through dirt and grass, and playing in the sand and ocean.  One of Madie and Lincoln’s favorite things to do was catch lady bugs. 

So at Grandma’s house today, Lincoln came running up to me holding something saying “Ladybug, Ladybug”.  But, it turns out, it was a bee, and it was alive!  He had it by its wings.  I slapped it out of his fingers and we went looking for grandpa to help him find a new home for the bee, in the front yard, and away from our little curious Lincoln. 

He spent the rest of the day telling everyone his bee story in Lincoln gibberish.  It was very cute, but I am just so glad that he wasn’t stung!  Love that kid!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Off Track


The kids are off track for 5 weeks!  In these past two we have done a lot of fun things and many more to come!  I haven’t downloaded any pictures yet onto my computer, but so I can remember, here is what we have done:

Knotts Berry Farm

Chuck E Cheese, twice

Santa Barbara Natural History Museum and picnic lunch at the park.

Many friends over to play

Reagan to a Play with mom at the Segerstrom

Dinner at Aunt Melissas

Hanging out with both sets of Grandparents and Weeze

Lots and Lots of Errands Smile

And much more to come!

We are looking forward to a week long camping trip at Doheny, jumphouses, 1$ movie, the drive in, chino auction, discovery science center, easter parties, more knotts berry farm, library, park, and friends.  Whew! I am tired just thinking about it—but we are trying to pack our entire summer into 1 month…

Stay tuned for Pictures!

Friday, March 8, 2013



I took Jackson to the doctor today to get some medicine for his two month long cough (he does not like to miss school—must have gotten that from his dad Smile).  He is 4 foot 6 inches tall!  Only one foot to go and he will be as tall as his mama!  Crazy!  I guess I should have known, since he wears the same size shoe as me these days Smile. Did I mention he is only 8?  Those Sage genes are coming out in full force.



Happy Birthday Madison!


Our little Madie turned 4 yesterday.  It was such a fun day for her! She got to take cupcakes to preschool and then go to Chuck E cheese with the fam and her best little friend Bristol.

Reagan made her a very special medal for her to wear that said “I am Turning 4” and Jackson gave her a tutorial on a new computer game as her gift.  She got a ton of adorable (but kind of strange looking) Lalaloopsies—yes, we have been introduced to that world, and some other wonderful gifts from family—including a fur real kitty which she has been trying to give a bath today Smile.

Happy Birthday Madison!  You are growing into a beautiful little girl, full of independence and spunk (like your big sister), and a huge heart (every knows how emotionally sensitive Mads is Smile).  We sure love you!


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