Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cute Picture of Ray

Reagan Sage

Camping with the Creekside Clan

In October we spent a weekend camping with our good friends from Creekside.  Notice there are no pictures of Jackson, he was missing the entire time—having too much fun with his friends Cameron, Jacob and Tyler.  This time the weather was cool and perfect and they even had a fun (although crowded) Halloween event at the campgrounds.  Here are some pictures of the girls:

Reagan Sage, Madison Sage, Camping

Madison Sage, Camping Reagan Sage, Camping

Another Sage Wedding

Matt’s family had 3 weddings in 4 months!  Here are two of my favorite pictures of the kids from Sharon and Jordan’s wedding in October:

Jackson Sage, Reagan Sage, Madison Sage, Sharon Jordan Beal Wedding Reagan Sage, Madison Sage, Sharon Jordan Beal Wedding

Pumpkin Patches

We were lucky to go to three pumpkin patches this year!  One with our friends the McMullins, one with Grandma and Grandpa Burnett and one with Grandma and Grandpa Sage (which we have no pictures of because daddy was sick).  Here are some pictures:

Jackson Sage, Amber Sage, Matthew Sage, Reagan Sage, Madison Sage Jackson Sage Madison Sage Reagan Sage Ashley Burnett, Madison Sage Jackson Sage, Reagan Sage Jackson Sage, Reagan Sage Madison Sage Madison Sage

Pictures from Ray’s Bday Party

Reagan Sage, Reagan Sage 4th Birthday Reagan Sage 4th Birthday Taylor Burnett, Reagan Sage, Reagan Sage 4th Birthday

Soccer Days

Not sure if soccer is going to be a Sage family sport.  We have to pay Reagan a quarter to get her to come anywhere near the ball.  Jackson is doing much better this year, but doesn’t have an aggressive or competitive bone in his body.  Oh well, at least we have some great pictures!

Reagan Sage, Soccer

Jackson Sage, Soccer Jackson Sage, Soccer Jackson Sage, Soccer Jackson Sage, Soccer Reagan Sage, Soccer

The World through the Eyes of Jackson

Jackson:  “Grandpa is a really hard worker.  He must be a peasant. (what—too many medieval games?)”

Jackson:  “Dad is super, super smart, huh mom?  He is smarter than the sun. (what, again)”

Jackson:  “Hold it (talking to his little friend Cameron).  My dad taught me something (only one thing?).  Winning isn’t important.”

Isn’t funny the things kids pick up?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Reagan got her kinder shots and TB test yesterday.  Madie got her 18mo shots (only 1 month behind).  Ray is 42 inches, 36 pds at 4 yrs old.  Madie is 35 inches, 30 pds.  They both did great—only cried a little, but lollipops made everything better.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Daddy’s Girls

I love these pictures of Matt and our girls:


Matthew Sage, Reagan Sage, Madison Sage, Dan Autumn Sage Wedding

Toothless Wonder

Jackson has lost three teeth in the last week.  Matt calls him the toothless wonder.  The tooth fairy is going broke….

Stay tuned for pictures from the pumpkin patch and Matt’s sister’s wedding…

Thursday, September 30, 2010

What do you think?

Do our kids look like us at all?  I found these pictures going through our photos (sorry about the quality—but these pictures are at least 25 yrs old).

Young Amber 5x7

Matt Kid 08 5x7


Does it mean I am really, really, really far behind when my four year old has begun praying that our “Clothes will be washed”?  :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I want to remember…

How I spent a whole hour with Madie tonight—just her and I—playing peek a boo, pattie cake, her belly laugh when I tickled her, reading to her, and watching her trying to stick toys into her belly button (huh?)…

How she wanted to be on my lap or right next to me all night.

How she giggled and splashed in the bath and soaked her mama.

All the words we said together…woof, woof; mama; dada; Jackson (yes it sounds just like Jackson), all gone, thank you, please.

And how I bundled her all up in warm PJ’s while she sang to me I am a child of God (she is great with the melody, the words are yet to come:))

I want to Remember…

How Jackson, our grown-up six year old, still wants his mom to tuck him in every night, sing to him, and read him a scripture story.

How he loves silly bands, had a “Great” Day today, has 13 raffle tickets now in school, and is so good to his sisters (most days).

I want to Remember…

How Reagan must say I love you and Good Night to Matt and I every night at least 7 or 8 times, needs to have plenty of kisses and hugs, always wants me to be where ever she is, loves to lay her head in my lap, and is the best little helper when it comes to almost anything.

There are so many things I want to remember, and most of them I don’t take the time to write down…but tonight I will.  Sorry for the sappy entry—next time I will post some pictures!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our Reagan

Reagan:  “Mom, do your kids get hurt?”

Mom:  “What are you talking about, Ray?”

Reagan:  “Do your kids get hurt, when they fall from heaven?”


Reagan:  “Mom, when I am grown up I don’t want to play soccer anymore.”

Mom:  “You don’t have to.  Why don’t you want to play soccer when you grow up, Ray?”

Reagan:  “Because I don’t want to keep my eye on the ball, I want to watch you [and daddy, and grandma and grandpa and pretty much everyone she loves that comes to cheer for her].”


One Terrific Kid

Jackson got the “Terrific Kid” Award today at school.  I was so proud!  He is very likable, easy-going, and has quite the quirky sense of humor (just like his dad :)).   This, of course, is all coming from a very proud mom who is most proud in these little moments—when others recognize your child for the good person that you know he is.  I would take this one “Good Citizen” award over fifty academic awards, any day (as most of you moms out there would).  Congratulations, boogie, we are so proud of you! 

Happy Birthday Reagan!

Reagan turned 4 yesterday.  Her birthday celebration began on  Saturday evening at her BBQ birthday party—complete with a bounce house and snow cones (both very cheap—email me if you want the contact info!).  She was surrounded by her family and friends and loved every minute of it (especially seeing her cousin Taylor who just returned from a month in NY).  It was a whirlwind of kids and sugar and great times. 

On her birthday she got to take cupcakes to preschool and had lunch at Chik Fil A with Mommy, Madie, and a few friends…She also got to go out to ice cream at Costco with her Grandpa….and then today at soccer practice she took more cupcakes…

We love you sweet, little Ray!  You keep us all on your toes with your sugar and spice and we couldn’t imagine a day without you!  We love you!  (Sorry, no pictures, yet).

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Madie’s Mess

Madie sure loves popsicles (what kid doesn’t?):

Madison Sage

San Onofre

We went camping the end of August with our friends the Sweets and McMullins at San Onofre. Our kids had a blast all playing together late into the night, playing in the ocean and sand, and getting super dirty. We can’t wait to do it again in October (our next beach camping trip). Here are a couple of pics:

Madison Sage, Beach, Camping, San Onofre 2010

Jackson Sage, Beach, Camping, San Onofre 2010

Primary Water Activity

On August 21st we had a primary water activity.  The kids played water games, the park had water features, they had snow cones and the best part was that their cousins—Audrey and Kaden came and their Aunt Laura (who helped us watch Madie while Matt and I did the games and scooped ice for snow cones).  It was a very fun activity!

Jackson Sage, Church Members

Church Members Laura Sage, Church Members, Madison Sage

Ray’s first day of Preschool

Our little Ray is growing up and turning four this month!  Here are some cute pictures from her first day of Preschool (August 10th).  She was so excited to buy her own princess back pack!  She loves preschool and wants to go every day.  I wish I could keep them from growing up so fast!

Reagan Sage


Jackson’s 6 Birthday Party

For Jackson’s Sixth Birthday he had 5 or 6 of his friends over to slip and slide and make their own cupcakes at a cupcake bar (kind of).  They had so much fun sliping and sliding—Matt and I were amazed at how brave they were, but I think they enjoyed making their own cupcakes the most—the hit topping?  gummy worms, but they fit every topping on those little cakes—chocolate chips, m and ms, sprinkles, colored sugar, etc.

Here are some pics:

Jackson 6th Birthday Jackson Sage, Jackson 6th Birthday Jackson Sage, Jackson 6th Birthday Jackson Sage, Jackson 6th Birthday

OC Fair

In early August, my parents took us to the Orange County Fair one night. The kids had a blast! They went on the huge ferris wheel with Matt, rode the kiddie roller coaster at least 6 or 7 times, we ate all kinds of interesting food and Madie loved seeing all the animals. Here are some pics:

Jackson Sage, Reagan Sage, OC Fair 2010

Their favorite ride was the roller coaster—they used all their tickets on that ride.

Madison Sage, OC Fair 2010

Madie in the petting zoo.

Matthew Sage, OC Fair 2010

Everyone on the ferris wheel.

Jackson Sage, Reagan Sage, OC Fair 2010 Jackson Sage, Reagan Sage, OC Fair 2010

Did I mention they loved that roller coaster—must have 30 pictures of just this ride…

Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Summer

Since we are on year round school, our summer was only 6 weeks (two of that being Clear Lake).  We went to a few parks, Jackson learned the joys of a slip and slide, and we went swimming a few times.  Here are some summer pics:

Reagan Sage Reagan Sage, Parks Madison Sage, Clearlake 2010 Jackson Sage

#4 is a BOY!

The day before our 8 year anniversary (August 17),  we found out that baby Sage #4 is a boy!  That will give us an even 2 and 2!  We can’t wait to welcome this little one in January!  A little boy’s sweet prayers were answered for a baby brother.  Jackson already wants to buy him his first computer and get bunk beds so they can sleep in the same room.  The baby looks great and true to Sage form is big enough that they moved my due date up a few days—still won’t be quite in time to help us with our taxes--

Clear Lake

Clear Lake this year was tough for me because I was so still so sick with this pregnancy, but the kids had an absolute blast (which makes it all worth it).  This year we were so lucky to have my mom and dad and my brother AD, his sweet wife Heather, and their little one—Carson.  It was also our first year with our trailer—wow what a blessing!  It was heaven having air conditioning (thank you to all our wonderful family who spent all day trying to fix our generator so that I could get out of the heat).

Here are some pics:

Jackson Sage, Beau Sloan, Grant Sloan, Kaden Hardey, Reagan Sage, Clearlake 2010, Jackson 6th Birthday

Jackson celebrated his 6th birthday at Clear Lake.  It seems like just yesterday we took him to his first Clear Lake—he was only one week old.  How the time flies!  He loves celebrating every year with his cousins.

 Jackson Sage, Reagan Sage, Madison Sage, Clearlake 2010

Sleeping in our amazing trailer—the best $ we ever spent.

Jackson Sage, Matthew Sage, Adrian Burnett, Carson Burnett, Madison Sage, Tubing, Clearlake 2010  Jackson Sage, Matthew Sage, Adrian Burnett, Carson Burnett, Madison Sage, Tubing, Clearlake 2010  

Tubing on the lake—Madie was crazy this year!  She was into everything, always dirty, and tried to jump off both the boat and tube.