Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pumpkin Patch


Here is a family picture of us at our annual Pumpkin Patch visit:

First Trip to Disneyland


Here are some pictures of Madie’s first trip to Disneyland:


Halloween Baking


Reagan decided over conference weekend that everything we did was going to be Halloween.  We came up with a Halloween idea for lunch—Pumpkin Quesadillas:



In October we went to Las Vegas for the baby blessing of my newest nephew—Caden.  Here are some family pictures of us all together:

My brother Adam and his fam:

My brother Austin and his fam:

The little honoree, caden:

My brother AD and his family:

Here we are:


The grandkids tickling aunt weeze (my sister, Ashley):

The Grandparents with some of the grandkids:

Pictures from Ray’s Birthday


In a previous post I talked about Ray’s fun birthday at down town Disney.  Here are the pictures to go with:

Doheny Camping


In September (I am really far behind) we went camping with some good friends.  It was a fun time!  We spent the whole day on the beach while our kids played together.  It was a crazy trip—when we drove down there the power was out in all of south Orange County and San Diego—crazy time getting there!  On Saturday there was a huge hail storm!  Here are some pics:


We tried to get there early enough for good picture taking light—but the power outage dashed all those hopes.  Here are some pictures, you can see the sun going down in them. By the way, not sure what Madie is doing in that first picture—but we are never sure what Madie is doing Smile….

Madie and her little friend.

Here we are playing in the waves.

Jackson—isn’t he getting so tall?