Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Madie turned one on Sunday, March 7th.  She was adorable at her party!  She loved every minute of it!  She gobbled up her entire pink cupcake and loved opening her presents (she is the first child we have had that actually enjoyed her birthday party!).  Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate with her—she loved it!

Happy Birthday our sweet Madie!  By the way, she took her first steps (four) yesterday (Tuesday, March 9th).  We adore you—what a wonderful year it has been having you in our family.

Madison Sage

Friday, March 5, 2010

Eating Dirt

Madie is the first baby we have had that loves to eat dirt!  Jackson was too neat and clean—he doesn’t even like the sand at the beach.  Reagan wasn’t interested, either…But here is Madie at the park on President’s Day—luckily I got there before she put that huge handful in her mouth—yuck!!

Madison Sage, Parks


Jackson just began little league this month and he absolutely loves it!  He is pretty good at it too!  He can hit, catch, throw and his favorite position to play (at least this week) is shortstop.  His games start next week and he can hardly wait!  Here are some pictures--

Jackson Sage, Teeball Jackson Sage, Teeball Jackson Sage, Teeball