Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Treasures in Heaven

I asked Jackson today if he would like to take out all the recycle boxes to the trash for a couple of Sage Bucks (we use these as rewards for the kids when they go above and beyond their chores).  He said,

“I don’t know mom, I worry about money.”

and I asked him why and he said,

“In the scripture story cartoon I watch on Sundays Jesus says: Those who store up treasures on earth will not have treasures in heaven.” 

He said all of this so sincerely and humbly—that I am not sure if he really is worried about not getting into heaven or if he is a master at getting out of any kind of work (which, by the way, Matt would probably have said this exact thing to get out of work when he was 7 years oldSmile).

I choose to take it that I have a sweet boy who is learning and trying to live the principles of the gospel—but I still made him take out the boxes and take the money Smile. The lessons we learn from our little ones—

Sunday, May 20, 2012



Madie decided to paint her own fingernails and toenails…bright blue.  Here they are:


Locks of Love

Reagan donated 10 inches of her hair to the Locks of Love program.  They use the hair to make wigs for children/adults who have lost their hair.  Here are some before and after pictures.






After dance one day we went with good friends to Chik-Fil-A.  Madie and Bristol decided to share a drink…so cute!

First Hair Cut


Lincoln’s first hair cut (besides the one I gave him on his bangs that looked completely ridiculous Smile). He was one year old.

Love this


My parents took us to Knott’s Berry Farm during their spring break.  I love this picture of Lincoln and Snoopy…

Dracula or Madie…


The Cereal Bowl

Bubba (Lincoln) loves to put the the bowl on his head when he is done eating—which makes me crazy because all his leftover food gets in his hair.  Because we laughed at him the first time the bowl landed on his head (bad idea), he now walks around the house all the time with a cereal bowl on his head…

Cute (but not very good because they were on my phone) pictures:



Our little dancer

Madie began dance lessons in January, at age 2 3/4.  She absolutely loves it and floats all over the house practicing her dance routing.  Here are some cute pictures:




His “Hour of Need”


Matt gives interviews to each of our kids every month on Sunday—to see how they are doing.  In Jackson’s interview today, he was telling Matt that he found a lucky dime at church today.  He keeps it in his pocket and is saving it for “his time of need.” Is this kid 7 or 35? We didn’t even bother to tell him that 10 cents isn’t going to get him anywhere these days…

Mother/Son Night

Jackson and I went to the mother and son night at his school.  We played a little mini-golf, had sandwiches and hung out with good friends.  Here is a picture of Jackson and his best bud Tanner:


First Jamba Juice




The Chocolate Stasher


For mother’s day at church they gave us little silver boxes filled with chocolate.  Apparently, I left that little box in the reach of our sweet little Lincoln.  He took that box and stashed it somewhere.  Every now and again he will appear with chocolate all over his face and an empty wrapper in his hand.  It has been a week and I still can not find his stash…


Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Ray just says whatever she thinks—like most kids, I guess.  Here is one of her latest ideas—

  • Mom, I want to have a “Do whatever I say, Birthday Party”.  I will invite a lot of people to my party and they will walk around, doing whatever I tell them to do (now, many of you are thinking—how cool would that be?  The difference is, she actually said it out loud—most of those ideas that we come up with, never leave our brains—I guess Ray’s mouth hasn’t been trained by her brain, yet Smile).

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lincoln’s Birthday Party


Here is one of the only pictures of Lincoln at his birthday party (what can I say, he is #4).  He is eating his cupcake—he loved it (what one year old doesn’t like sugar)?

50 mm

The Only Picture we took in February…


It was a great one, though!!  Jackson received the Barton Bear Award at School:

28-200 mm

Camping at Doheny


We had so much fun over Easter Break camping with our wonderful Creekside friends.  Here are some pictures:

28-200 mm28-200 mm28-200 mm28-200 mm28-200 mm28-200 mm28-200 mm28-200 mm28-200 mm28-200 mm


50 mm50 mm50 mm50 mm28-200 mm



Here he is!  So cute and always getting into something (this time it was markers).

50 mm50 mm50 mm

Our Little Rapunzel turns 3!


On March 7 Madie turned 3!  We had a Rapunzel party for her—complete with a bounce house and 13 of her closest friends Smile.  Here are her 3rd bday pictures:

50 mm

50 mm

50 mm

50 mm

On her new bike:

50 mm