Monday, March 24, 2008

Vitamin D and Apple Roll

Today I decided to get the kids out into the warm California Sunshine and get them their daily dose of vitamin D. We went for a walk to the Lake. I let the kids play on the rocks and while I was chasing Reagan, who was chasing a duck, Jackson slipped and fell and dropped his beloved apple (he loves to spend half a day eating his apple) and it rolled down the bank and into the lake. He started screaming and crying and I had to fish the apple out of the lake for the trash can. He was devastated and our lake adventure only lasted 20 minutes. I managed to get him calmed down, by threatening time out, and we walked to the park. That was much safer and cleaner for Reagan (no mud or duck droppings for her to play in) and I could relax on the grass instead of chasing her into the Lake every other minute.

After about an hour, the heat forced us inside for water, but we had a blast (after Jackson got over the apple incident). I sure love living in Southern California and I am so glad that spring is here. I am looking forward to many more outdoor adventures....

Check back soon! Our Easter pictures and adventures are up next!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bitter Sweet

Yesterday Matt and I signed a contract to purchase a new home. The home is expected to be built sometime around November 2008 (give or take a month--which Matt says translates into months in construction standard time). We are super excited about having this wonderful opportunity to buy a home that will fit our growing little family (before I get a ton of emails, I am not pregnant).

We knew when we moved into our little creekside home that we would eventually have to leave, but I don't think I was prepared for it to happen this year, or even next year--. I try not to think about leaving and saying goodbye, we still have 8 months to go...

I will keep everyone updated as we go through the building process. As for now, it looks like they will begin "trenching" (whatever that means) in April. If any one is interested in seeing the floorplan, shoot me an email. And... If anyone is interested in buying a home, and could handle being our neighbors, the one next door is still for sale!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Books, Band-aids, and blogs

Today was a pretty kick back day. I am getting ready to make dinner, but first I thought I would take a little break from house work and relief society and write something. Reagan loves reading books...she tries to pile as many as she can in her little arms and then follows me around the house, until I sit her in my lap and read to her (she could do this for hours, if we had the time). If I happen to be on the phone, she will sit at my feet and excitedly read her books to me (and the patient person on the other line--she has a voice that carries). Jackson found an "owie" on his knee today (sometimes I wonder if he purposefully injures himself so that he can have a band-aid). He has spent all day (including at the grocery store) holding his shorts up so that all can admire his star wars band-aid. What did I spend my time doing before books, band-aids, and this blog? Gotta love being a mom...